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View, Check Income Tax TDS Deduction Status Online: Download Form 26AS

Anyone can view & check his Income Tax TDS Deduction Status online .i.e Person can verify & Download Form 26AS Tax Credit Statement online by creating online account with Income Tax Department website. Form 26AS helps Individual, Partnership Firm, Trust, & Company to verify their TDS deduction status also they can check income tax challan status before filing Income Tax Return. After doing login into the account click on My Account categories (next to Dashboard Category) and select “View Form 26AS (Tax Credit)“. After that Screen will ask for Confirming that You want to View Form 26AS. Click on confirm and this will transfer you to TDS Centralized Processing Cell/ TRACES (TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System). Select “View Form 26AS“.

If your Form 26AS/TDS Deduction Statement is not reflecting right TDS deduction amount then you have to ask the TDS deductor to refile the correct statement at TIN Facilitation centres or revise the Quarterly TDS Statement.

This account can also be used for following purposes.

  • Online filing of Income Tax Return
  • Download Past Filed Income Tax Returns (Online Filed Only)
  • Income Tax Return Processing Status
  • Income Tax Return Processing Status
  • Income Tax Refund Status
  • Income Tax Demand Status
  • Income Tax Refund Reissue Request
  • Current Postal Address of the Assessee
  • PAN Card Details

There are other options through which you can check Form 26AS .i.e TDS Deduction Statement.

Option 2: Your TDS Statement is attached to your online Banking Account, so if you are having Online Banking Account and you have submitted the PAN Card Number to that Bank Account.

Option 3: By registering with TRACES.

TRACES_Tax Payer Registration

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8 thoughts on “View, Check Income Tax TDS Deduction Status Online: Download Form 26AS
  • Sanjay Kumar says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have filled income tax return on 24 Jul 2012 vide acknowledgement No 426662940240712 for the AY 2012-13. My PAN No ASBPK5165D. After lapse of nine month I have not get any refund form IT department. My TDS have already deposited by Pay Account Office, MRC Sagar (MP). Please refund my IT dues at the earliest. I needed this money very URGENT because my nice marriage has been fixed my first week of may. I will be very grate full you.

  • babu says:

    pan number verifikeshan

  • Sanjay Kumar says:

    which verification is required and from whom


    tds chart

  • ghasiram rana says:

    respected sir,my pan card number is AWBPR7647F.i did not find the tds amount in the year2009-10,2011-12,2012-13 . please send this by my account

    • admin says:

      then contact the person who deducted the TDS and check your details with him. Income Tax Department can’t revise the TDS statement

  • Anup Roy says:

    I have filed TDS return of 2nd Qtr of Fy 2013-14, Now i want to down load the form 16A but the problem is that the challan detail and the 3 pan number are not matching. As we have deposited exact amount for various sections so I have only single amount for each PAN (as we are having very less tax assessee). Now it is comming that the challan amount is not matching with the PAN number.(Invalid challan detail) As only the first challan is matching with the PAN, but other PAN number is matching with the challan. We have more than 3 PAN in the return statement.

    Kindly help me to resolve my problem so that i can down load the form 16A