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List of Documents Required for Changes in PAN Card Name, Surname, DOB: Verification Certificate by Gazetted Officer, MP & MLA

Income Tax has prescribe the list of documents which can be used for making changes in PAN details like Name, Father’s Name, Surname after marriage, Date of Birth(DOB), or correction of spelling mistakes in PAN card Name, Surname, DOB. Simplest way is to get the Verification Certificate by Gazetted Officer, MP, MLA or Municipal Councillor in prescribe format given by the Income Tax department but this certificate is used for change in existing PAN card details like Name Change, Surname Change, Change in name after marriage and for changes in DOB one has to submit relevant document acceptable for change of Date of Birth / Incorporation like Relevant proof of identity having correct date of birth.

In case if you don’t have certificate by gazetted Officer then document acceptable for change of name/father’s name

  • Married ladies – change of name  on account of marriage : Marriage certificate or marriage invitation card or publication of   name change in official gazette or copy of passport showing  husband’s name
  • Individual applicants other than married ladies; Publication of name change in official gazette
  • Companies: ROC’s certificate for name change
  • Partnership firms: Revised partnership deed
  • AOP / Trust / BOI / AJP etc.; Revised registration certificate / deed or agreement as applicable

List of Documents considered as Identity Proof for DOB Canges

  • School Leaving Certificate, Matriculation Certification, Degree of recognized educational institution
  • Depository Account Statement, Bank Account Statement/Passbook, Credit Card
  • Water Bill, Ration Card, Property Tax Assessment Order
  • Passport, Voter’s Identity Card, Driving License
  • Company: Copy of Certificate of Registration issued by Registrar of Companies
  • Partnership Firm: Copy of Certificate of Registration issued by Registrar of Firms or Copy of Partnership deed.
  • Association of Persons (Trusts): Copy of Trust deed or copy of Certificate of Registration numbers issued in Charity Commissioner.

Note in case of Minor , any of the above mentioned documents as proof of Identity and Address of any of parents/guardians of such Minor shell be deemed to be the proof of Identity and Address of the minor applicant . For HUF any document in the name of Karta of HUF is required.

To Know the Process for Change in PAN Card Name and Other Details  

Verification certificate

(Certificate under provision of rule 114(4) of the income tax Rules, 1962)

(To be attested by issuing authority with his/ her signature & rubber stamp appearing half on the photograph and half on the certificate)

I herby certify that I know Sh. /Smt. / Kum. …………………………………………………………………………………

Son/Daughter of……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. and whose personal particulars, as given below are correct to the best of my knowledge & belief. I recommend issue of PAN card by income tax department to him/her.

Father Name
(Even in case of married ladies father’s name is to be provided)
Date of Birth
Residence Address
(If applicant has resided at more than one place during last one year than all such address with dates should be mentioned)
Office Address
Previous Name
(In case of change in name)
Previous Father Name
(As per IT Record)

Details of Issuer of Certificate -

Full Name:



Office address with location:

Identity Card No:

(Enclosed photocopy of I-Card)

Telephone/Mobile No:

Date:                                        (Signature)

Place:                                        Office Seal

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5 thoughts on “List of Documents Required for Changes in PAN Card Name, Surname, DOB: Verification Certificate by Gazetted Officer, MP & MLA
  • Bahadur Singh says:

    I want a correction in my name on PAN card details but it was corrected on PAN card.
    Please suggest what can i do.

  • madhan says:

    how can i change my signature in pan card

  • sudhir says:

    i got the verification certificate from MLA of our area
    but he has not given any id card number/copy..stating that
    public elected member do not have any id card.

    but nsdl not processing my new pan application…though there
    is a valid seal and signature of him.

    what should i do now..plz help

    • admin says:

      Sudhir ji, MP and MLA also get the certificate from government, in case if your MLA is not giving id card then you can get the similar certificate from any gazzeted officer in your city.

  • kavyaratna says:

    I want correction in my name on PAN card details, i correction in my Name through online. But did not received any correction PAN card or no more. please what can i do suggest me.